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About Us

Olivia Hudson Clothing is for the modern, empowered women specializing in unique and trendy pieces that inspire you to be the best of you.

An Olivia Hudson girl is confident, bold, and unique. She is more than just her looks and obviously more than her clothes. However, her clothes help her evoke the powerful women she feels inside. She is kind and spirited. She is daring and sassy. She is respectful and silly. She doesn’t take herself too seriously but knows she has the power to change the world. She is the best of you.

We are a strong, women ran brand that wants to help support and empower other women. We were raised by strong women and we want to pay that forward. All styles are handpicked just for you. We believe in quality over quantity so we focus on bringing you fewer pieces that are high quality, can’t live without, at a price point that won’t break the bank. Rather than pages and pages of the product, we wouldn’t want in our closets. It’s our mission to bring you the brands and fashion that you’ll feel confident and comfortable in. Always.